What was Beta Talks 5 all about? Your Why for being persistent.

Fail. Fail. Fail. How many times will you get rejected, fail, or run into an obstacle before stopping? At Beta Talks 5, we heard three presentations that had a common theme: listen to your “why” to power through the noise when you need to overcome an obstacle.

In today’s times with social media and a lot of noise in the world, who should you listen to? All three of our speakers came to a common conclusion – it comes down to your “why”.

A voice says “You can’t complete this” or “You’re not good enough” can derail you from success if you are persistent in your Why. All three speakers had to face massive adversity and perceived failures; geographical, such as finding a remote location in India; internally, the feeling of inadequacy; or physical, working with Parkinson’s disease.

In Sam Thiara’s presentation (watch his presentation), he talked about the external voices of other people saying, “You will not be able to find your village”, or “People will think you want to take over their land when you arrive in India.”

Chris Mey told the story of 2 girls; one who faced enormous adversity and one who achieved massive success. A beautiful illustration of how easily we can find best in the worst parts of ourselves.

The final speaker, Allan Knight, took the audience through a key step in finding your soulmate. He passionately spoke about how his Parkinson’s disease has lead to a deeper inner connection with himself.

In all three of the presentations, the only reason the speakers were able to be persistent to achieve their goal was a strong Why. They all became grounded in their journey and nothing other people said deterred them from finding themselves or their treasure.

From our Live Feedback Audience

Each presenter had a sense of calmness, confidence, and clarity in their tone and expression of their speech. This calmness allowed the audience to absorb more deeply the messages and become more sensory to the journey of the stories. Chris Mey in particular, delivered a speech where vulnerability was mixed with logic and the audience was left wanting to hear the entire story, which easily could have captivated for hours. Similarly, Sam Thiara delivered a speech with his usual calmness but added his confidence by utilizing voice volume to dramatize particular points in his story.

“The lesson I learned from this is Power can come from softness and calmness.”Graeme Lea

Curious to know more about how Sam delivered this confidence, see his presentation here.

Underrated speaking tips:

    Dress in a way your audience can relate to. Consider the environment and demographic of your audience to enhance accessibility as a speaker.
    Create ah-ha moments by drawing out the emotions of your audience by demonstrating vulnerability on stage.
    Test your presentation approaches with different audiences. You may need to vary your delivery slightly to achieve the most impact depending on your audience.

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