We solve people’s public speaking problems, so they can get on their soapbox and make a meaningful impact.  Our purpose is to enable the uplifters and unconventional thinkers of the world to be heard above the noise and inspire audiences into action.

Our company, and our platform, is guided by principles that ensure our clients and students receive a world class learning experience.

We strive for excellence through:

  1. Acting with empathy, compassion, and honesty
  2. Putting community and connection first to create a place of belonging
  3. Dreaming big to create impact
  4. Taking a stand and listening to feedback
  5. Continually learning and evolving.

At SoapBox Speakers we equip clients with the correct tools and knowledge to spread their message and create positive change in the world.

Born out of a market need for budding speakers to perfect their skills, we quickly morphed into offering a masterclass where students learn the skills they need to overcome fears of public speaking and take the stage with confidence.

By providing visibility and guidance on how to land gigs, more than 150 people have been involved with us in just 2 short years three of whom have also spoken on TEDx stages.

Who is SoapBox Speakers for?

Those ready to form connections with potential customers, and strategic partners by propelling their brand through public speaking.

SoapBox Speakers has also grown into an incubator for individuals to realize and develop their public speaking abilities, goals, and dreams.

Our Founder and Director, Janine Chew Graham

I believe we all have the ingredients to make positive change in the world.

I love people who are going for it. I’m intrigued by their personal motivations and seek to understand what drives my clients.

As a child I never felt like I fit in, until I found this group of people called entrepreneurs. My father is a serial entrepreneur so growing I was surrounded by the mindset of possibility.

I pride myself on bringing groups of people together who stand out, even when they don’t intend to, to collaborate.

What to expect when working with me

I’m always on your side. I fiercely stand for what you want and support you every step of the way until you achieve your goals, even when you think you can’t. With my clients I lead and guide as well as follow and uplift as needed.  

As a “Champion of public speakers” my background in HR, training and development, and Toastmasters have attributed to my success in creating and running SoapBox Speakers.

Why I do what I do

I create change by supporting people who want to use public speaking to get their ideas, and messages in front of their intended audience. All my clients have one thing in common: to become better speakers. I work with everyone from the absolute beginner to the sage on the stage. Through guided discovery they uncover, remember, and recognize their natural tools and gifts so they can communicate impactful messages authentically. In my line of work it truly takes a village.

The fastest way to realize positive change is to spread our impactful messages to large numbers of people simultaneously. This means that people need to face the number one fear in the world – public speaking. I get it. We all have felt it to some degree. I’ll help you overcome that. To help you move beyond fears, and roadblocks to propel your purposeful message to the world.