Why Public Speaking Coaching Could Be For You

Build Your Confidence

Work with a coach on your delivery

You want to walk away every time feeling like you’ve nailed it. But right now, you don’t know if people are seeing your best, most authentic self.

Tell Your Story

Work with a coach to create impact

Your story is powerful and you know there are others who will benefit from hearing it. But right now you don’t know how to best tell it, or even who will listen.

Create Ideal Clients

Work with a coach to create a signature talk

You have the experience to be a visible thought leader. But you need support sorting through your ideas to create a powerful talk.

Explore how coaching could be for you

Meet Janine Chew Graham

It’s about owning how unbelievably remarkable you are and sharing that so others can be inspired to transform

I know what it takes to overcome public speaking roadblocks. Since founding SoapBox Speakers, I’ve worked exclusively one-on-one with people wanting to improve their public speaking abilities; professional speakers and novices alike. They all had one thing in common – a desire to share their impactful message with the world.

My approach to public speaking is not just about saying crafted sentences by rote, or moving your body as choreographed. It’s about owning how unbelievably remarkable you are and sharing that so others can be inspired to transform. I coach to support your own transformation, and co-create your empowered style of speaking.

I’ve learned about the courage it takes to be vulnerable to audiences full of people you don’t know – laying out your most personal stories, and revealing your life’s work. And sometimes there’s success, a standing ovation, and sometimes there’s feedback for improvement.

It takes all types of support to achieve your public speaking goals. Your public speaking goals are worth achieving. 

Let’s talk!

I only take a select number of clients each year.

Before I commit to working with them, we spend time in conversation together; uncovering what they really want public speaking to bring to their lives and what’s truly holding them back.

Transformations and blasting through roadblocks happen when people talk with me. But this kind of conversation is not for everyone. And that’s okay.

If you’re willing to play big, are up to something world changing, are ready to move your public speaking forward, then let’s talk.

SoapBox Speaker
If you’re looking to be inspired, to strengthen your confidence, and to develop an unforgettable presence, connect with Janine today!
Lori Corcuera, CEO & Co-Founder SPARK Creations
Janine is caring and compassionate. She has the ability to encourage you to think outside of the box and create the speech that is a true reflection of yourself or your topic that you are presenting on. I highly recommend Janine.
Danielle Buchanan, Soul Survivor Coaching
Janine’s assistance on developing a speech for West Vancouver ‘s Ted-X was brilliant. As I talked to her about my expertise, she was able to quickly and enthusiastically make suggestions that allowed me to build my topic. Within a short time we were excited and pumped about a topic that was incredible and ignited me to also add a longer presentation to my repertoire.

Janine has the ability to listen, and funnel a presentation topic that works and needs to be heard! If you’re needing a push, a wall to bounce ideas on, or someone to help you create an amazing speech, Janine is the perfect “go to” person!

JoAnne Marlow, Founder SET Consulting

How Janine Works With Clients


  • You are ready to create new clients for your business through speaking to groups

  • You’ve been asked to give a keynote talk at a conference or association

  • You have a strong desire to bring your idea, message and/or story to a TEDx event

  • You want to be a visible thought leader in your industry

Janine’s Clients Receive

  • A customized holistic program that meets your needs to meet your short and long-term public speaking goals

  • An unwavering commitment to one-on-one in-person sessions and calls that fits your goals

  • Unlimited email, and written support for your creative flow and courageous actions

  • A least one Beta Talks Live speakers spot to test your talk in front of a live audience.

Getting Ready to Work With Janine

The Pillars of Public Speaking

Watch Janine’s SHINE Bootcamp Webinar … coming soon

    1. Practice and supports for daily routines that will become the cornerstone of your stage presence… Coming Soon

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