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We solve people’s public speaking problems so they can get on their soapbox, deliver their message, and make meaningful impact.

As experts in data driven audience engagement, Beta Talks is a public speaking class for cultivating the world’s next top speakers. Focusing on 3 key pillars we’ve identified through countless hours of studying human behavior metrics, we’ll spend 8 weeks together to systematically tackle: knowing your target audience better than your best friend, crafting your message content to crystal clear clarity, and finessing your delivery ability until it’s pitch perfect.



Join us for 8 weeks of masterclass and mastermind sessions both in the classroom and online.
2 classes per week:
2.5 hour Masterclass in-person at Decide Your Life Office  |  2 hour Mastermind online in a virtual classroom

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We’ll cover our 3 key pillars and proven methodology, learning alongside our experienced program facilitator and industry experts:
Public Speaking Guest Experts TBA

For full Beta Talks Masterclass details, please review our Summer 2018 Program Guide (PDF).


A discovery on which areas of your public speaking abilities need attention. We’ll work together to set meaningful goals in an environment of continuous feedback.Learn More
A presentation that has been fully tested and refined for your target audience, as well as a development process that can be used for all future presentations.Learn More
An edited 30 second clip of part of your presentation ready for your future use, as well as the raw footage of the entire presentation.Learn More
You will be supported by and connected with other speakers and individuals looking to create meaningful impact.Learn More


What Past Students Have To Say

“Janine is a wise and insightful woman. The kind that helps you connect to yourself and give you the right kind of feedback to take some nice big leaps forward.” ~ Julie Archambault, Owner, Co-Creative Sex

“It is so reassuring to know you are working with people that have trained big ticket and high profile speakers.” ~ Jennifer Pereira, Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Maven, True North Digital

“Upon completion of this eight-week course, I can confidently say I will be getting on my SoapBox way more often and delivering authentic presentations, all thanks to Janine’s time, effort, and skill set. “ ~ Ashleigh Myerscough, HR Professional

“I would highly recommend her 8 week program to anyone wanting to start or further their speaking outreach.” ~ Mubina Lagare, Coach & Storyteller

“The environment you’ve created for these talks is a fantastic platform both for the speakers to receive valuable feedback and for the participants to also learn how to become great speakers.”

Karley Cunningham, Big Bold Brand


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Janine Graham

I know what it takes to overcome public speaking roadblocks. Since founding SoapBox Speakers, I’ve worked exclusively one-on-one with people wanting to improve their public speaking abilities; professional speakers and novices alike. They all had one thing in common – a desire to share their impactful message with the world.

Over the past 3 years I’ve created and perfected a three pillar program that develops speakers from message creation all the way through to audience connection. I customize it to each speaker; giving them their own unique process that they can follow and utilize for each presentation.

Now for the first time, I’m offering this program through cohort learning. I believe that social learning increases knowledge retention and supports risk taking. If you have some public speaking ability, a burning message to share with the world or just don’t not know how to take the first step, this program is for you.

Transformations and blasting through roadblocks happen when people talk with me. But this program is not for everyone. My most successful students are open to learning and coachable.

Please note; we’re only offering this flagship program to just 10 people and at a one time special rate. If you’re ready to take the next step, click the link below to get in touch with me.

What’s your message, idea, or conversation that’s waiting to be told?

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