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Voted “Best Speaker” at the 2015  International Aerospace Engineering Conference for his presentation on “How to Increase Innovation in Highly Technical Organizations”, Doug balances science and business to create insights on how to achieve innovation no matter the industry or individual. Doug’s preferred audiences are those who have a lot at stake, who want to play a bigger game, and take their lives to a whole new level. To Doug, trust is like gravity; the ever-present law to success in human interactions.
A Physicist, Certified Coach, writer, educator, and consultant Doug founded True Balance Coaching to help people of all ages discover that it is indeed possible to achieve their desired level of success, and well beyond.  As both a staffer and consultant, Doug has mentored organizations such as Raytheon, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Vancity Credit Union, showing them winning strategies and how to develop strong relationships with customers and suppliers.


Methods to Increase Amount and Effectiveness of Useful Innovation in Highly Technical Organizations


“You gave a very thought provoking presentation that every professional in industry, academia or government should hear.”
Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal , University Of Washington
“I had the privilege of attending several of Doug’s personal and professional development seminars. . . Always engaging and entertaining, Doug challenges you to reach your objectives while providing insight and support along the way. I highly recommend Doug’s inspiring and encouraging coaching skills!”
Annalea Krebs , CEO at SocialNature

Doug is no stranger to a diverse career, holding a degree in Physics from the University of Waterloo and Masters in Biophysics and Business Administration.  He is a featured writer in the HRMA’s People Talk, speaker and instructor with the Canadian Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) in the new SCMP Designation Program, and the International Association for Commercial and Contract Management (IACCM).

In his professional life, spanning 30 years in procurement and contract management his associates have always been Doug Turner’s hallmark. Since then Doug, who is credentialed by the International Coach Federation, has coached people from all walks of life, and helped them achieve success even in very large endeavours.

Doug also inspires greatness in his long standing volunteering with Junior Achievement, and Vancouver Board of Trade.   

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