Energetic. Relatable. Educator. 

As a public speaker and professional life coach JoAnne helps individuals and teams reach their full potential.  Her expertise reside in the areas of communication, leadership, and team effectiveness. JoAnne’s biggest strengths are her solutions to one of the fastest growing problems in business – cross generational teams. Known for her energy, JoAnne brings lots of spunk to any room she’s addressing.

On top of all this, she is the author of 14 books and articles.


“Running an Efficient Meeting, Presenting Ideas, and Presenting Yourself.”

Have you ever left a meeting saying to yourself, “Wow, that was an amazing meeting!” I think its safe to say that not many meeting make you feel this way. JoAnne will share the tips and tricks of how to let your teammates feel understood, listened to, and most importantly leaving the meeting feeling they have accomplished something.

The key areas JoAnne will focus on are 3 critical steps to prepare for a meeting. The format of a meeting and how the wrong format can destroy its effectiveness. Lastly, how to get employees excited for a morning meeting!


Excellent presentation (on how to communicate with other generations). Valuable comments, and examples. Great help to understand my niece better (Gen X) and Gen Y.
Eva B. , Baby Boomer

JoAnne’s accreditations include degrees in Economics and Commerce from Simon Fraser University. Additionally, her accolades include an MA in leadership from Royal Roads University and Certification in Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Through all of this, JoAnne is eager to spread her wealth of knowledge to every individuals she encounters.

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