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Not only does Lisa believe in “enduring partnerships that matter,” she actively participates in creating them. In 2005, Lisa co-founded Access Confidential, a business service center for agencies that became the “go-to” resource helping communications agencies to “prospect smart and avoid the pitch!”  Outside of her consulting career Lisa is an adjunct advertising professor at NYIT. In addition she writes articles on the subject of client/agency relations which have been printed in industry trades such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Advertising Age, Adweek and HubSpot Blogs’ Agency Post.  Lisa is also part of the advertising industry speaking circuit presenting at national conferences including AAF, HOW Design Live, Mirren, and AdAge Small Agency Conference.

Lisa, a trained pianist, also owns and markets a NAPPA award-winning CD entitled Classical Cradle for moms and babies and endeavors to include music in many parts of her professional works.


You invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in preparing pitch presentations. And yet, when it’s most important to be convincing, much of the time we’re not. Why? Because people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do what you do.

Learn the way the brain processes information during a pitch, how to apply that information to proper presentation structure, the art of the story tell and leave your audience adopting your ideas as their own. Hear “yes” instead of “no” by learning how to develop persuasive pitches without selling anything. It all starts with four engaging words we learned as children:

Once Upon A Time…

The Power of Music is a 45-minute presentation and piano performance highlighting the benefits of classical music on early child development.  “Music does more than entertain children, it shapes their minds,” says Dr. Frances Raucher, research psychologist, University of Wisconsin.  Highlighting over 25 years of research proving how music can play an integral role in early childhood development, from pregnancy to the early years, Lisa performs songs from her NAPPA award winning Classical Cradle CD.  Lisa uses her soothing performance to facilitate learning about the benefits of classical music how to enhance the mental and physical development of children.   This informative discussion and engaging performance will transform your desire and ability to use classical music in child rearing.


“I loved both your presentation style and content. You exude respect and knowledge . . . couched in a warm demeanor. Awesome!”
Clarissa Schealer, Adams Outdoor
“You blew the roof off the presentation at Mirren and the turn out for your session was that of a rock star status”
Tyler West, Business Development Associate, Olsen

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