Innovative. Facilitator. Superhero.  

Lynn Oucharek is the Founder of O Vision Consulting.  Over the past 18 years her focus has been on opening doors to change and innovation in order for individuals and organizations to do the great work they set out to do.  Working with businesses, community organizations, and schools, Lynn has helped individuals and companies to create their own tool-kits so they can become the Superheroes for change and innovation.  


Have you ever wondered how some organizations like 1-800-Got-Junk and Zappos create environments where big ideas and even bigger employee engagement happens, and others just can’t seem to light the spark?

It’s not all about perks, but practical fun elements you can build with your teams daily to help them stretch out and connect their talents to your vision in order to have them build on their talents in ways which will surprise even themselves.

Are  you inviting everyone to engage their strengths or create rich exchanges and experiences which connect people to something greater? We’ll talk about what you can do to start an  environment where small risks and experiments happen and really great work is the outcome.

As parents and educators we are constantly looking for ways to keep students connected to learning and life paths which engage them.  More now than ever before we need young people to develop their creative skills, stretch out with their talents and build more collaborations in order to thrive in shifting landscapes.

Areas for Discovery

  • Diversity of Thinking, the simplest and most powerful tool for student success
  • Employment Landscapes. Where the most movement is happening
  • Soft Skills, which ones are most important to employers and ways to build them
  • Resiliency and it’s place in problem solving and life success
  • Digital Impact on critical skills and what we can do at home in classrooms to help
We often hold back our best ideas and actions, believing that others will jump in or are better equipped to create big ideas and solutions.  We’ll look at skill sets and mindsets that empower ourselves to take more positive risks and create better solutions, no matter what challenges you might be facing. We’ll see how true innovation invites collaboration, connection and amazing results.

You will leave with

  • Tools to become a better risk taker and innovator
  • Mindsets that help and hold us back from stretching out further
  • Practical methods for getting “unstuck”


Lynn’s energetic passion for youth leadership initiatives and making a difference are clear, contagious and motivating. Students have thrived on being able to take ownership of the creative seeds that Lynn has helped to plant in them, all the while being encouraged and nudged forward so that their projects can be seen through to success.
Darien Russell, Elementary School Principal

Lynn is passionate about engaging learners of every age. She works interactively to develop people into flexible, human centered problem solvers. This also includes inspiring the confidence needed to take on changing landscapes of every kind and create deeper connections with others in the process. She is a champion of the public education system because she believes that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.

Lynn utilizes her background in Psychology, Marketing, and Creativity/Innovation to uncover the connection between individuals’ strengths and ideas.  At the core of her love of building curiosity, risk taking, and innovation is a woman who believes that a triple-scoop of ice cream for breakfast is the burgeoning of a great idea. Lynn intertwines her background, ideas, philosophies and superpowers to facilitate bigger collaborations and outcomes for audiences.

It is never too late to become outstanding, take risks and grow.”

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