Mark believes that people matter and are worth fighting for. He creates safety and security for everyone he works with. He uses humor and his unique qualities to present. At the foundation, Mark is passionate about everything he does. You don’t listen to Mark – you experience him.

Mark is a Certified Professional Co-Active© Coach (CPCC), an active member of the International Coach Federation and holds an ACC credential. He is also the Past President of Vancouver BNI Urban Professionals chapter and a Director Consultant for BNI BC – Lower Mainland.

Mark is an EPIC SHIT Creator! With over 30 years of work experience in a variety of business models, Mark has seen it all and been through it all. His three kids and two step kids between the ages of 12 and 22 have also greatly contributed to his learning. It is his deep understanding that enables him to quickly connect with his clients, whether they’re entrepreneurs, middle managers, or CEOs. He’s passionate about connecting people, building strong foundations and guiding success.

Mark works with individuals, teams, business leaders, thinkers and those that are stuck to build a foundation, set direction and reshape their personal and business vision. The right time is RIGHT NOW!

“I do what I do because I strongly believe that people matter”



Keynote, workshop, or lunch & learn.

No matter what your version of love is Rules Of Engagement is for you.
Understanding and designing the Rules of Engagement – the boundaries, agreements, the marriage contract – and doing it together in a safe, fun and supportive environment is going to set a strong, empowered start to your lives together.

  • Walk away with a solid agreement that clearly defines your relationship – the Hell yes and the F NO! list.
  • Design the IMPACT you both want to create on each other.
  • Define and connect your VALUES.
  • Live a powerful, respectful, connected life together.


Workshop or lunch & learn.

There is such an amazing focus on goals – setting them, achieving them, making them happen, not making them happen – that we sometimes forget about the rest of life. This causes us a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress. Business’ can fail from focusing too much on the bottom line and not focusing on the impact you are creating within your community.

  • Learn how to create goals…then Fuhgeddaboudit!
  • Learn how to create your own intentional impact.
  • Learn how to OWN IT!
  • Learn how to – in the words from that famous song from Frozen – “LET IT GO”


Workshop or lunch & learn.

Everyone is a leader.  Some people are not sure of their roles as a leader.  Others have areas of leadership that they are more comfortable with and yet avoid other powerful areas. During this workshop, you will learn how to communicate again, how to effectively listen and get out of your head, how to create through collaboration, how to STAY in the boardroom, and how to keep going.

  • Learn how to get rid of your BUT.
  • Never ask WHY again.
  • Learn how to create the life and business YOU want.
“If aliveness is what you seek Mark should be your coach! Mark was able to, in minutes, identify what would make me come alive to ignite my creativity and so I could put it towards the parts of my life where I wanted a different result! He helped me make a vision board of my life- something I felt a great deal of anxiety doing. He got me painting and using my desire to work with my hands to help me problem solve and open to new perspectives in my personal and work life. With Mark you can feel how the possibilities for vision and achievement are absolutely endless. Mark is firm in his service to the client- gentle when it’s needed and he doesn’t accept the currency of BS! He is a freedom fighter to his clients, enabling clients to learn about themselves and all their parts- across the loving through negative self talking spectrum- to empower the client to choose their next steps…to mental freedom and a resonant life! To get a different result you need to take a step on a different direction. First things first…I suggest you call Mark.”
Kelly Burke
“I worked with Mark for over a year at a time when I was having a hard time finding motivation and wanted to take my career to the next level. Mark’s insight and down to earth approach helped me recognize bad habits that I had fallen into. Mark provided practical steps to correct my bad habits and I was able to regain the momentum I was looking for. Six months later I’m still having “ah-ha” moments based on the work I did with Mark. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Clint Hiles, RBC Wealth Management
Mark carries a special trait that cannot be taught, or learned. It comes within him. I will strongly recommend Mark Simmons. Lastly, I am so confident in Mark, that I consult with him on a personal level to help me cope with my own issues.”
Dennis Guiotto, Synergy Plumbing & Heating Ltd.